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We are partnering with the TOP leading companies for Football Boots and professional items like

- Nike

- Adidas

- Puma

- Lotto

- Mizuno 

The good news is that we are helping ALL the clients we have, without ANY differences of leagues or levels.


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University, master and mba's degrees

Get graduated from the best E-Campus in Italy. At Tedeschi&Partners we're taking care of our clients, not only when they play Football on the pitch. Woman football development is our MAIN GOAL but it will pass trought the Professionalization. Being a Footballer could not be enough if you want to persuit a future goal into the Woman Football Industry. Get graduated with specific discounts up to 50% for our clients, follow a Master or do your foreign language exam. It will helps you during your whole life. 



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We at @tedeschi_e_partners are so happy to welcome on board with us @footballers_minds
In a growing perspective of creating a unique network of people who have as their main goal the development of the #womanfootball we are excited to officially introduce you all @footballers_minds as our newest partner.
With the Psychotherapist Daniela Osu and her team, experts in mental health, injuries recovery and empowerment of mental strength, working with some of the best 🇬🇧 Olympics athletes, we will give to all of our clients at @tedeschi_e_partners the opportunity to be followed even from this crucial (and too often undervalued) side of the sport performances.
We are the first, but hopefully not the last ones to do that.

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personalized nutrition plan

We're partnering with the best Professionals Worldwide, but we are keen to recognize our hometown talents. 

Doc. Gaetano Iaquinto, is a Sports Nutritionist, professor of Food Science and Nutrition, with excellance in Nutrigenetics&Nutrigenomics that can helps our clients to achieve her maximum potential into the pitch.

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We are more than a Football Agency. More than a consulence company. We are taking care about your social Media presence. 

Get featured on socials, radios, or Tv podcasts. We will organize everything, your image will have a Booster. With  +20k football oriented connections, every Goal you score could potentially reach thousands of football stakeholders at the same time. 


video\match analysis

Presentation to a club is a crucial first step for a player, and being presented by a professional video is the right move. Everyday we at @tedeschi_e_partners are thinking and acting putting ourselves in the shoes of a player. We know that a Sporting director or a coach Will Watch a professional video in a better way. Not only the best actions, but positioning and key plays.
We are in between the first Agencies worldwide to offer such a service to our players, but even to the buying clubs​


wordup: learn the football language

Learn english, spanish, italian and portuguese among many others languages from WordUp a growing Company of foreign language teachers and translators.
WordUp is tailored for athletes all around the globe with its flexible online courses for groups and individuals.
They Will focus on the "Football words" the proper language a stakeholder like a player or a coach must have to know when going to work abroad.

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Update your standard policy being sure to get paid in case of any injuries.

Saving Plans.

Start thinking on the next step after you will decide to quit your career on the pitch.

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