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Tedeschi&Partners is one of the leading company in the women's football sector.


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Giulio Tedeschi

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Gennaro Giulio Tedeschi, born in Naples(Italy), from where some of his ancestors left to seek fortune in New York (United States of America), is a licensed FIFA agent since 2013, now also FA Registered Intermediary, specialized in football law, as testified by his law degree thesis entitled: “The football player's agent: legal qualification and discipline of the activity". One of the IAFA (Italian Association of Football Agents) co-founding members since 2015, he is also the IAFA delegate to the United Kingdom relationships.

Since 2016, he has been also the International lead for a Reality TV Program “Turf Season” helping the new Nigerian football grassroots talents in becoming professionals. CEO & Founder of Tedeschi & Partners woman Football agency, he is also member of the AIAS (Associazione Italiana Avvocati dello Sport) that, in July 2016, granted him a certification of specialization in law and economics of sport. Ambassador since 2021 of the “Football Business Academy” Master of Geneve (Switzerland), he is directly following the interests of more than 90 professionals between footballers and coaches from Europe and the United States of America. 

Author of the book "Inside the world of a football agent" published by BEP - New York, CEO&Founder of NewYorkSoccerExperience. Currently he lives in Naples, Italy, with operative offices in Naples (Italy), London (United Kingdom), Lisbon (Portugal) and New York (United States of America)

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Assistance INside and OUTside the pitch

Social&Media Coverage

Contractual Representation

Contractual resolution,

renew of a contract,

get a new club offer,

Legal protection for fines or supensions 

Get featured from up to 20k connections, all of them football oriented. 

In the 2022 we can't avoid the real power of the social&media channels. 

With us you will have a booster of people who work into the industries and start knowing about you thanks to our channels. 

Being a PRO is not only playing properly on the pitch the Sundays. 

Mental Healt, Fitness Preparation, Professional Education among many others, are crucials aspects of a Pro Footballer. 




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